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The National Combine Series is coming to Ultimate Kicking Academy


The National Combine Series is a schedule of competitions around the country. It is through multiple rounds of testing under pressure, over a period of time, that help to gain experience and to prove consistent performance. These results will help College Coaches evaluate talent.

The National Kicking Combine Series was created by former NFL Kicker Michael Husted. After a successful 10 Year NFL career, decided to take all of the knowledge and experience that he gained and put it to use for all high school kickers, punters and long snappers.

The Kicking Game is 90% mental. “Can YOU do it when the pressure is on.” The biggest difference between being successful at each level is the ability to perform under pressure. The Kicking Game has become so important over the last couple of years, that there is great emphasis on specialists to perform on a consistent basis.

Our platform puts these specialists through multiple rounds of pressure to help them:


  • See how they stack up against others across the country
  • Demonstrate to colleges their ability to play at the next level
  • Learn how to perform under pressure

The National Kicking Combine Series partners with a team of the most highly respected kicking coaches in the country. This is a huge benefit to you! By leveraging our team of coach's knowledge and contacts we are able to give you better evaluations and market you to a very broad network of college coaches. Basically, you will have our entire team of coaches working for you to find you a college. This is why we use the 'team approach' to the Combine Series.

The experience that you get through the NCS will prepare you for the next level.

The National Kicking Combine series offers kickers, punters and long snappers a unique opportunity to showcase their talents in four separate divisions based on your grade level for the fall of 2011.

  • College (Seniors, College Transfers, Junior College and College Eligible)
  • Varsity (Juniors)
  • Jr. Varsity (10th grade)
  • Freshman (9th grade and below)


  • Consistent and organized format based on NFL style workouts
  • Get valuable experience competing in pressure situations against players in your division
  • Hosted by top Kicking and Punting Instructors (Associates) in the country
  • These Associates create a valuable Network for College Coaches
  • Strictly merit-based competition
  • Regional events
  • Super Camp V January 2011.

REGIONAL EVENTS - $150 ($125 if registered 2 Weeks before the event date)

Kickers & Punters receive a $25 rebate for getting their high school Long Snapper to attend the event.

  • One day event competing in Field Goals, Kick Offs, Punts and Long Snapping
  • Optional filming of combine testing available
  • Introduction to a local kicking coach/expert
  • Opportunity to attend a weekend kicking camp offered by our Combine Associates (additional costs will apply for weekend camps)
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